A 26 year old English “expat” based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Half not quite ready to settle down yet, half craving my own things; this my journey of trying to make something in a world full of Digital Nomads, a heavenly collection of coffee shops and the perfect place to take some time out.

I have been travelling full time* for 4 years now. *I want to say full time, but a lot of the time has been spent working trying to fund my itchy feet! But I have been away from home for 4 years. That’s better! I set off for Australia in 2013 with only 8kg worth of stuff on my back (don’t worry I soon filled it up!), and without a clue what was going to hit me.

Ever since I was young, I knew that I wanted to escape. I took holidays far too seriously, taking holiday blues to the next level. Always planning the next time I could get away, reading itineraries of places to put on my bucket list. Even when watching TV, the travel channel was always on. The golden sands of Mauritius, the pyramids of Egypt, Ancient Temples of Asia, luscious food in India. Just filling me with excitement and anticipation. Back then, I didn’t realise this could be a way of life. Like everybody young and naive and influenced by society, you work and work and work until you can afford 2 weeks away, and then come back to work and work and work and repeat. If I had to accept this, then I needed something related to my passion. I began applying for jobs in the Travel Industry: travel agent, brochure researcher, editor, brand rep, anything to get me in there! With no luck, I decided to stick with the job I had working in an office with the hope that I can be like everybody else and just take my paid 2 weeks holiday a year.

But one day, it just got too much. I couldn’t do it anymore. How could I sit here at my cluttered desk staring at a screen doing work – that to be honest I had no idea why I was doing it – when there was all that out in the world to see ?! I went home that day and booked a one-way ticket to Australia. It was quite a few months in advance, which allowed me time to boost my savings, but which also gave me a great sense of gratification sat at my desk everyday, knowing that I would be out of this routine soon. It was hard not to tell anybody at work, I wanted to scream it from the rooftops! I was excited ! I was going to travel the world.

4 years later here I am. Often I think to myself that I regret not doing this earlier, but then I tell myself that the time simply wasn’t right. I am a big believer in fate, timing and all that jazz, and clearly there was something holding me back for those few years. When the time was right, I knew it, I went home that day and I made the first step. And I am so glad that it happened when it did, otherwise I never would have met my amazing other half !  I owe so much to him, and he gives me so much inspiration in life, he is just incredible.

Frenchman’s Peak, Western Australia. Road trip Sept. 2015

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